With no “gay” connotation (if this can be acquired), I do believe verified bachelor/ette is the best proposition up to now

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With no “gay” connotation (if this can be acquired), I do believe verified bachelor/ette is the best proposition up to now

The fresh views of various age groups and another sex lifeless facing they

To possess an individual keyword – voluntagamus function practically options-unmarried inside Latin. However, We doubt whether you could ever before explore a physically created phrase.

Including yet another means to fix target this new sorts of the brand new concern (money an expression, in place of looking a current one to):

Are you looking for “marriage-free”, after the manner of “child-free”? (I am aware not all relationship result in marriage, but “relationship-free” is actually obscure IMO. In my opinion “marriage-free” create get the idea around the nonetheless.)

BTW, “child-free” has never cong alternatives for “zero children wouldn’t like ’em” it’s farther together than simply anything else, and therefore is apparently in identical general room.

You to possible word is actually “nonogamist”, designed regarding “nonogamy” in the same manner while the “bigamist” is made out of “bigamy”, otherwise “monogamist” regarding “monogamy”.

While the listed on the -ist und bleibt entry for the wiktionary, suffix “-ist” are going to be “put in conditions to make nouns denoting . individual that observe a principle otherwise program from faith.” Since the “nonogamy” identifies perhaps not ist und bleibt” try someone who chooses to not ever get married.

Observe that “nonogamist” accordingly answers the initial concern questioned, about “someone who [sic] keeps knowingly selected to stay unmarried for life”, but is maybe not suitable with regards to “relationships” said throughout the revision. Perhaps “philononogamist”, that actually is quite easy to say once on 14 seeks, manage serve. Together with, keep in mind that those who work in the newest “nonogamy.livejournal neighborhood” could use “nonogamist” so you’re able to indicate just about what is spelled call at the brand new improve, however their need may differ away from more common need.

The bill for the respond to snacks regarding “nonogamy”, in an effort to demonstrate that even though it apparently is not an elementary dictionary term, it’s a word that is active from the English language.

Getting an adult entry to “nonogamy”, see the Melbourne Strike guide, web page 42, 9 Feb 1871, reprinted in Mr. Punch right here, 1982. Regrettably mcdougal of this product authored Area XV inside a great version of realization means, in the place of inside complete phrases; to help you laughs: “Pupils considered from other perspectives. . Expediency of failing to have any. . Queen Herod’s system spoken of approvingly. . The latest author’s viewpoint. Spouses. Polygamy, monogamy, nonogamy. Nonogamy necessary. Arguments towards polygamy. . Monogamy unhesitatingly doomed. ” (Ellipses mine.) It looks within framework that nonogamy form not partnered.

nonogamy.livejournal states, “It [nonogamy] community is actually for those of us you to move the vision whenever we listen to relationships reports. People which do not getting we should instead feel matched up out over be happy. We don’t Dislike love, however, we do hate those that wouldn’t shut up about this currently. Nonogamy means that we do not you need love, gender,cuddling, schedules, or valentine’s day notes. Love is really and you will good, however, avoid hold on it already.”

A private and you may ostensibly connection that is without having sex

Specific ignorati from the democraticunderground laugh the Senior Sites and single dating site definition of, unlike offering it best obeisance, inside the a bond called “Midthread test: Really does “nonogamy” indicate zero spouses, nine wives, or wives that do “no-no”s?”.

Urbandictionary also provides a couple of perhaps-ironic significance away from nonogamy some from the possibility that have significance more than: 1. dos. A great sarcastic mention of the progressive monogamy in the created community where gender try marginalized otherwise disappears in the a married relationship [. ]

I’m frightened you might not pick a currently centered term with the fresh connotations and you may meanings you require the most. I think celibate ‘s the closest, since it is the only real single-word-term that always comes with the meaning preference. The latest downside to it’s the inevitable mention of the faith, and i also perceive that you’re not wanting one to meaning. So it fits towards earliest around three of your conditions.

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